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Glass walls are incredibly alluring, as they provide the freedom of moving between different ambiences immediately, as well as a direct contact with the environment surrounding your home or office. With Judež modern or classic glass walls, you can touch the horizon every day.

The Judež line of glass walls features several types:

  • folding walls (harmonica) that can cover openings up to 6 meters wide,
  • lift-and-slide walls suitable for covering large openings up to 9 meters wide.

The Judež glass walls are distinguished by their ease of use, solid build and quality fittings, which guarantee aesthetic pleasure and long-lasting flawless operation.



Details that reflect your style preferences and your lifestyle are essential for making the space you live in a home, which is why doors represents much more than it seems at first glance. Doors are actually the first contact with you, your home or a company, as they represent a transition from a public to a private space. That is why our company also pays a lot of attention to doors, be it in terms of functionality, security, design or symbolic message.

According to your requirements, we can manufacture stylish or modern entry or interior doors based on the basic or PROTECT design with a large selection of materials, fillings, handles, glass panes and other accessories. We also manufacture internal soundproof veneer doors in various shapes and complexity.



The tradition of carrying out complex orders, caring for the architectural heritage, innovative approaches and knowledge of and combining various wood, metal and glass processing technologies all enable us to complete numerous of the most demanding custom projects.

We also manufacture antique double windows, traditional railings, balconies (including traditional wooden balconies), porches and terraces. The projects above are carried out in full, from planning and technical execution to final and complete installment.


Our windows can be fitted with a variety of functional and aesthetic additions: shutters, roller shutters, blinds and grilles for effective weather protection, creating a pleasant shade in the summer or achieving energy savings in the winter months.

We manufacture different types of shutters:

  • shutters with fixed or movable slats,
  • shutters with fillings,
  • board shutters.

Roller shutters and external blinds

As window additions, we offer a wide selection of shutters in various designs, external blinds, standalone or integrated mosquito nets, interior blinds, pleats, curtains etc.

Window grilles

Window grilles can be used to upgrade the basic look of the windows and adapt it to your aesthetic preferences or the local environment.


As it is not always possible to use windows in standard dimensions and shapes, we also manufacture windows in non-standard dimensions and shapes, adapted to architectural ideas and specific spatial requirements, but still in accordance with all technical standards (circular and semi-circular wooden windows, irregularly shaped windows and doors, etc.).