The aluminium+wood PREMIUM window line, designed for the most demanding customers, is characterized by an excellent combination of refined aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency.

The attractive look of the aluminum casing, which completely covers the facade part of the window and the wooden frame, allows the windows to be used in various types of buildings, such as modern office or apartment buildings, as well as traditional and single-family houses.

Due to the aluminum outside casing, windows in the Premium line also have a longer life span and improved energy performance. Despite the aluminum cladding, the window still “breathes” and creates a cozy atmosphere inside.


Model:Premium 92 Soft | Premium 78 Soft | Premium 78 Flat
Material:aluminum, spruce wood
Width:92 | 78 | 78 mm
Thermal conductivity (Ug):up to Ug = 0,5 | 0,6 | 0,6 W/m2k
Thermal conductivity (Uw):up to Uw = 0,73 | 0,89 | 0,89 W/m2k
Glazing:triple, 48 | 40 | 40 mm
Safety fittings:yes | yes | yes
Frame width:92 mm | 78 mm | 78 mm
Panel thickness:92 | 78 | 78 mm
Weather stripping:yes
Aluminum frame trim with water drain:aluminum mask
Aluminum panel water drain:aluminum mask
Extra:level frames

Approximate thermal conductivity values depending on facade insulation